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I have worked in a child care and education arena for over 20 years ranging from a Paraprofessional work at a public elementary school to certified Montessori teaching to working for Child Youth Services on several military installations. I have worked with many teachers from many walks of life and different educational backgrounds and find that Ms.Kelly consistently ranks in my mind as one of the top educators I've ever had the privilege of working with. I have trusted her to care for my own child several times. I would gladly recommend to any parent that they give their child the opportunity to attend one of her classes.

--Leslie D.

We spent a cozy rainy morning at SeaWee's playing with our granddaughter. Kelly was enjoyable company and passionate about her work with kids.The building had a charming historical feel with nice light coming in from the windows. My granddaughter is very much into arts and crafts, I thought the jellyfish craft was perfect both for younger or older ages. She especially loved the sensory bin and just getting to play at all the stations. It's so nice to know that this is an option for my kiddos, especially for rainy, stormy days. What a fantastic additon to Pacific Beach, and so lucky that it's so close to Seabrook.

--Chrishna S.

Kelly Johnson was my son Brocks kindergarten (Montessori) teacher in Seabrook wa. She was great with him. Always willing to help him if he needed it... many times I would walk into the classroom and she would be helping a student one-on-one so very Hands-On.. all I can say is I would recommend her to anyone. Also my child does have autism so it is hard to find someone that is so kind, patient and understanding.

--Danielle Preston

Brock Cone (mom)

Kelly is an amazing maker, artist and teacher! She comes up with amazing crafts and arts to convey concepts creatively to children. Our students loved the activities she planned and enjoyed spending time with her. Kelly is an intuitive teacher - supportive, encouraging and joyful. I am so delighted to see Kelly's tremendous experience, talent and skill bloom into SeaWees!

--Prema H.

Miss kelly from Brock

(What he thinks)

How was she as a teacher: yes

Was she kind: yes

She would take me to the spider Forest For Recess.

She did a volcano with the class we danced all together with the class

She was fun.

--Brock Cone