SeaWee's Art & Play is a studio for preschool through elementary age kids (but older kids and adults are welcome, too!). You'll find us in the little red house at 40 Main St, just one mile north of Seabrook in Pacific Beach.


Want to play or to create? Call or text, let's set a date!

Rather than having set hours, SeaWee's Art & Play is open by chance and by appointment... even short notice! Call or text 360-743-1351 to set something up. Be sure to ask about current projects if none are posted here.


In WEE SEAWEES classes, toddler-preschool kids come with their grown-ups to Play, create art, and explore sensory activities. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the American Academy of Pediatrics, children learn best through play, so we aim to provide fun activities and experiences that promote development and growth. bring your little one to SeaWee's Art & Play to engage in playful learning!

Are you interested in a playgroup with other wee ones? SeaWee's is a great place for that! Contact us and let's see what we can come up with.😊


In Big SeaWees (Kindergarten*-5th grade) classes, we focus on building your child's creative exploration through art. Projects are created with elementary students in mind, but older kids (even adults!) can enjoy them, too! we also encourage open-ended, self-directed projects using a variety of available materials. One such project is the Artist Trading Card (ATC). Kids can make several, then keep or share them with friends and other artists, and even leave one on our ATC board.

Big SeaWees classes are also great for those who want to work on thier own outside project, though we are unable to store works in progress. Some materials may be available for use.

*If you think a younger group would better suit your kindergartener, please feel free to sign them up for Wee SeaWees instead.

Wee SeaWees


Big SeaWees

Kindergarten-5th grade & beyond